Disappointment at CES

* DavidĀ  was there and was happy to use it as a chance to meet people and look some really big TVs but did not really see any major annoucements or innovations. “The truth is, the only real excitement around technology announcements these days comes out of MacWorld, not CES. Which is why Steve Jobs doesn’t participate in CES, despite running the most innovative consumer electronics company of today. He is able to drive people to his very own show and get all the buzz for himself, for Apple and for those companies supporting Apple.”
* Mark was also a bit underwealmed, “This year the show seemed to be all about incremental innovation. While I did spot numerous small companies with innovative products, I didn’t find the ‘next big thing.'”
* Ed, like us mourned the lack of simplicity and ability of the gear to work together. “If there is an industry begging to be open sourced, standardized and commoditized, this is it. While it is in all the vendors’ interest to bring the economics down to reach a wider market, I just don’t expect to see enough cooperation from them to drop their proprietary standards to make this happen soon enough.”

Not exactly sure how yet, but where there is confusion and frustration, there should be an investment opportunity.